10 Smart Tips For Free Domain Traffic

10 Smart Tips For Free Domain Traffic

Want free domain traffic? Then keep the perfect domain name! You know you?ve got the ideal domain name when you?re automatically ranked high by one of the major search engines. Do you know that your domain alone accounts for about 20%PRCTG% of the vital factors that influence ranking by search engines?

Don?t lose heart, if you don?t have the perfect domain name that attracts loads of free domain traffic. Read on to get some tips that will help you choose an influential domain name.

10 Tips To Get The Ideal Domain Name For Free Domain Traffic

? Pick a dot com domain for the domain name of your chief website. This is a natural choice for online business and ranks high among the popular search engines.
? Don?t forget your county domain. If you?re based in India, you should register the version ?co.in? and establish a 301 redirect to your chief website.
? There?re bound to be common misspellings of your chief domain. Register them and establish 301 redirect to your chief website. This is a wise way to get free domain traffic.
? Your domain name should contain your primary keyword, which is obtained by abbreviating your business into a single word. Yes, it should be just ONE WORD; not two words or a phrase. This word should be the domain name of your chief website.
? Find out a domain that harbors this word and a few other letters, if possible. You should use ONLY your primary keyword, plus a few other letters; no hyphens and no numbers. You can use your primary keyword either in the starting or at the end.
? Search for the top ten keywords that are related to the main theme of your website. ?Wordtracker? is an effective tool for this search. For each popular keyword, register a domain. Build a content rich site on each domain. Write content for sub-directories in your chief domain. Each of them will contain a theme in relation to the domain keyword. The home page of each of your content site should link to your chief website. This is a smart way of directing all related searches towards your chief domain website.
? In order to obtain a high ranking in MSN, register the version ?.org? of your chief website domain name. This is because MSN prefers this version of domain names.
? Make use of a domain registration service. It registers domain names in real-time. It also offers a 301 redirect service and a complete POP3 email.
? Dig in for expired domain names that may contain accessible backlinks. They are the key to instant free domain traffic as well as swift search engine listings.
? Last but not the least; register domains for ?key-in? traffic.

Now, you?re all set to get free domain traffic!

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