7 Blog Design Tips To Getting Started With Blogging

7 Blog Design Tips To Getting Started With Blogging

An important step toward getting started with blogging is to choosing the right blog design. Remember the time-tested adage The first impression is the last impression! In fact, if you are using your blog to make money online, then you must pay proper attention to your blog design. A blog having an attractive design will certainly attract more readers, thereby boosting your income. In general, all blogs contain several features such as posts, comments, archives, and so forth. However, you need to ensure that these features are well presented within the blog design template.

Follow these 7 tips to make your blog design attractive and help you get started with blogging!

1. Be Creative
Exploit your creativity to give an attractive look to your blog. Your blog design should complement your blog theme. Also, before selecting any design consider your readers. Moreover, ensure that your blog is easy to use for the visitors. It must provide proper navigation facility.

2. Pay Attention To Categories
An important step toward getting started with blogging is to decide what you want to write about. Think of all the topics that interest you and categorize them. This will help your readers to click on a category and go through the related articles.

3. Provide A Blogroll
As a matter of fact, the more popular your blog, the more the number of your blog readers. If you are into Internet marketing, then having a blogoll of your industry will certainly help you. By putting up this option, you can ensure more people to bookmark your blogging site. Additionally, it will help you connect with other people in your community.

4. Include Recent Comments Tool
In general, your readers will comment on your posts. There are people who might be eager to know what others say about your posts. Therefore, install a recent comments tool to display comments on your blog and encourage your readers.

5. Provide Blog Search Box
Always have a search device on your blog so that your readers are not restricted to just the Homepage. Blog search box will encourage your readers to explore your site properly.

6. Provide E-mail Subscription
RSS feeds have become a fad nowadays. Every good blog provides this option. Therefore, provide an e-mail subscription box for the readers who are interesting in receiving email updates of your most recent posts.

7. Go For Search Engine Optimization
An important tip to get started with blogging is to ensure that your site is search engine optimized. Choose good keywords and use them strategically. All your categories, titles, article body, meta-tags, description, keyword lists, etc., must contain a good amount of keywords. However, dont overuse them. Your keyword strategy will help readers locate your blog through search engines.

Having said all that, the design of your blog plays an important role in building your network, attracting your readers, and finally, making good money. So, spend sufficient time in designing your blog strategically before you get started with blogging.

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