7 Tips to Simplify Your Facebook Marketing

facebook marketingDo you ever think that your Facebook marketing campaign is too complicated and ineffective? Sometimes, you need simplicity in order to boost your success in your Facebook marketing campaign. Here are 7 tips to simplify your Facebook marketing:

1. Create a fan page and stay there

To promote your business, you just need to create a fan page for your business. After that, you have to stay there, which means you have to nurture and grow your fan page. Don’t abandon your fan page after you create it. This fan page will be your main base for your Facebook marketing campaign.

2. Don’t clutter your wall with unnecessary posts

Make sure that you stay clean with your Facebook marketing, including your wall. Don’t clutter your wall with unnecessary posts. Post only what is related to your niche and your business. If you find something that is not in alignment with that, you have to delete it and keep it clean. Your wall should be clean from rants and bad words as well.

3. Post product updates every week

Remember to inform your audience about updates regarding your product. Also, tell them regarding what’s going on in your website. You can do this every week because it is a good timing for you to prevent your page from appearing as a spammy fan page. Ask your audience to comment on the latest update as well.

4. Answer every question in your wall

You should answer every question in your wall, especially if it is an honest question. But, if your wall is flooded by numerous questions that you can’t handle, make sure to tell your audience that you can’t answer every question that is posted on your wall. But, it always pays off if you answer most of the question on your wall.

5. Don’t clutter your fan page with links to your product

Make sure that you place your links to your product in the information section. Don’t post your product link every time you post something. It would be annoying for your audience. Make sure that you post no more than 3 links in the information section. Your page won’t look like a blatant sales pitch if you do it.

6. Provide good and concise information about your fan page and your product

Make sure that you only provide essential information about your fan page and your product. Don’t post all information about your product in your fan page. Your audience can go straight to your website if they want to find more information. So, only provide clear and concise information in your fan page.

7. Populate your fan page

The next thing is to focus on growing your fan page. Promote your fan page in various platforms. You can use Facebook Ads, Twitter, your website, and other promotional channels to promote your fan page. The more audience you have in your fan page, the more people will be interested in your product. Remember that you need more audience in order to make more cash.

Those are the simple ways to do your Facebook marketing campaign.


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