8 Easy Steps To Get Started With Blogging

8 Easy Steps To Get Started With Blogging

How do I get started with blogging the right way? If this questing is giving you sleepless nights, then its quite obvious that you either want to make money through the Internet or simply want to write for your creative satisfaction! However, you must understand the various steps involved in it. Given below are 8 easy steps to get started with blogging.

Steps for you!

1. Find A Good Blog Provider
Choose a good blog provider. Go for the renowned ones such as Livejournal.com, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Blog.com, Blogdrive.com, Xanga.com, among others. The best thing about these sites is that they are very easy to use, as they are pre-made sites. They will provide you templates, predefined layouts and schemes, and push-button publishing.

2. Personalize Your Blog Template
Next, sign up. Then select a template of your choice. Now personalize it by adding information about yourself, including your name, interests, images, etc. Also choose a good color scheme and an attractive layout.

3. Enhance With Freebies
Making your blog interesting is an important step toward blog writing. You can enhance your blog with freebies such as buttons, images, tagboards, guest maps, guestbooks, comment boxes, and the like. Besides, you can go for some paid features as well.

4. Decide Your Blog Type
Ask yourself: Why do I want to get started with blogging? The answer will help you decide your blog type. You can either make your blog personal or make it available for everyone. Most sites will provide you the facility to make your blog available to only those whom you have approved. So, decide your audience!

5. Test Your Blog
The next vital step is testing your blog by writing some posts. You can do further adjustments by changing layout or color scheme to ensure that your blog appears perfect.

6. Select Good Topics
Just getting started with blog writing is not enough. Decide on a good theme. Besides, be careful about putting up the right content. If you are writing a personal blog, then you can write about your daily routine, your thoughts, ideas, or anything else under the sun! In fact, if you are using your blog for online money making, then you must really strive toward providing good content. The better the content, the better the money! In a nutshell, provide crisp and informative content.

7. Enlarge Your Blogging Circle
Your next aim should be to enlarge your blogging circle. You can do this by visiting other blogs, writing comments on them, and adding your blog address.

8. Publish Your Blog
You can publish your blog by giving the URL to your friends. Also, you can use your website to publish your URL. Another good strategy is to add the URL to the posts you put up on other blogs.

Remember, blogging is easy! You dont need to be a techno-pro to have a perfect blog. Follow the above steps to get started with blogging and explore the world of money making the online way!

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