A few hours more to go…

…before the worldwide launch of Adsense Resurrected!

Here’s a recap of the products (with their pricing) offered when it is launched:

  • AR Book – Book + Membership $67 (subsequent months – $27)
  • AR Jumpstart Kit – Book + 385 AR Ready Websites + Membership- $97 (subsequent months – $27)
  • AdSenseResurrector - One-day Trial (free); $97/monthly; $567 (lifetime use one-time license fee); $197 for three monthly instalments (lifetime use license)

They have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for all their products. You must use the products for 90 days, and if they do not work as well as they did for everyone else who have used them, then, they will refund every cent of your purchase.

So do remember, as with everything else that’s got to do with making money, it takes time, patience and the discipline to follow it through.  If you are looking for a get rich quick deal, then this is definitely not for you.  Cheers!


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