A Few Tips On Marketing With Web 2.0

A Few Tips On Marketing With Web 2.0

Marketing with Web 2.0 requires a certain commitment from you and if you are willing to take up the added responsibilities, you have literally the whole world to interact with. Web 2.0 is a term that was coined by Dale Dougherty, one of the vice-presidents of O?Reilly Media Inc in the year 2004. The term was coined as they felt that the World Wide Web had entered into its second phase after the near bust of the 90s. According to the principles of Web 2.0 people use the internet to hook people creating communities where content can be created and shared by users or members of that community by following certain guidelines. Wikipedia, Flickr, Myspace are examples of Web 2.0.

Marketing With Web 2.0

Many are considering using Web 2.0 to promote their products and services. There are many factors that are in favor of Web 2.0 while it also has its fair share of cons. If you are one of those who wish to consider marketing with Web 2.0, here are a few facts that you should consider.

? Starting a social networking community or a blog can be a huge responsibility. Make sure you have the required technical expertise and the money to take on such a huge task.
? If you are considering marketing with Web 2.0 you need to work out a set of rules, terms of use and enforce strict privacy policy to ensure that your website will not come under fire for infringing copyright laws or for hosting content that has been stolen.
? The best way to ensure a certain degree of control is to keep the site open to registered members. When you validate the identity of your users you can have some degree of control. You need to monitor the content that has been uploaded by the members too as not all of them are genuine. There are malicious characters who will take pleasure in bringing your website down.
? You need to consider backing up data continuously as websites have been known to go down due to hacking resulting in data loss too.
? If you are keen on opening a blog, make sure that the content you provide does not sound too much like sales-talk. You may have to deal with those who disapprove of your products or services and it will help if you can handle such situations like a pro.
? If you are not keen on taking on the enormous strain of operating such a website you will do well to reconsider your decision as there are more factors that work in favor of Web 2.0 than the troubles that may crop up.

These are a few factors that have to be considered while marketing with Web 2.0.

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