A Tried And Tested Way To Generate Free Traffic

A Tried And Tested Way To Generate Free Traffic

You signed up for a traffic exchange program to generate free traffic for your website. You got loads of traffic. But, hey, wait! Why aren?t you smiling? This is because the traffic you succeeded in generating was not useful. It didn?t contain targeted visitors. And when there are no targeted visitors, there?s no money. When there?s no money, simply having traffic to your site is useless.

Attracting Useful Traffic

What can you do to generate free traffic, and useful one, of course? Track your visitors! In other words, whenever visitors click on your site, you should watch what they do there. Do they often look for ads? Do they shift to FAQ pages? Are they looking for more information on your niche? Or do they want to buy your product or service straight away?

This activity is important for any online business. Unfortunately, this action is ignored by a large number of new people on the web. Take this as a thumb rule: you can succeed on the internet, only if you keep a track of your visitors. So, if you wish to generate free traffic, install a tracking script to your website now! It?s easy to get one. Go on Google. You can get it absolutely free here, under the name of ?Google analytics.?

Converting Traffic

What?s the secret of successful traffic programs? The secret is that there?s no secret! It?s just how you use them that determine the success of such programs. In order to get extremely targeted visitors to your site, you need to integrate many programs in such a manner that you are able to convert the general visitors into targeted ones. This is a vital step to become a winner in online business.

There is not one, but many ways to convert traffic. A few examples are:
? You create you own Lead Generating Website, which is better known today as Squeeze Page.
? You make use of manual surf exchanges to direct traffic to the Squeeze Page.
? You provide a free ebook on this page to visitors who sign up for your newsletter or list.
? You deliver this ebook accompanied with a warm welcome note.
? You continue delivering more useful stuff free of cost. At this stage, you?re able to generate free traffic by sending just one email.
? Thereafter, you join free co-registration programs.
? You install their script on your sites. By this way, you generate free traffic in huge amounts.

Now is the time to go for viral marketing.
? You write an ebook that includes your referral links.
? You promote it through search engines, directories, and give it free.

As a result, you get more referrals, and generate free traffic to no end!

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