Affiliate Elite – Only $4.95!

Affiliate Elite – Only $4.95!

You’ve probably heard about Brad Callen’s latest software – Affiliate Elite. This new product was released quite some time ago, but since I received a special deal in my email, I decided to finally give it a try.

Affiliate Elite is probably the most powerful and some say unfair advantage that an affiliate marketer could possibly have. This new software will enable you to find profitable products to sell, dominate your niche market and look for joint venture partners to help you sell your own product if you have one.

But more importantly you will be able to find your competitors most profitable ppc keywords from their Google Adwords campaigns and then use them for yourself to make money online. Sneaky!

The software itself is broken down into 4 main project types:

Project type 1: Clickbank/PayDotCom Market Research

Search, browse and analyse all products currently available from the ClickBank and PayDotCom databases. The products that are now filterable by category, subcategory, rank, earning %, earning $, gravity, and days in the system. This last filter is great, it allows you to find NEW products that are getting a lot of sales. This gives you a head start, and allows you to be one of the first people to promote a product that could very well rise to the top rankings.

Project type 2: Reverse Google Search

Spy on your Competitor’s Keywords and paid search ranking positions for their Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns, by entering their website URL, such as I’m not paying for any clicks, so I have no PPC rankings, but I have organic rankings for sure :)

Project type 3: Analyze Adwords Competition

This is another spy tool function in Affiliate Elite and it lets you to monitor pay-per-click ads in Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing for you own keywords.The software can be scheduled to regularly scan these search engines to collect ppc ad data from your competitors’ campaigns.

Project type 4: Find Super Affiliates

This feature enables you to identify Super Affiliates, who use ClickBank or PayDotCom, so you can learn something from the techniques they use and then contact them to set up joint ventures so they can help you sell your product. The idea behind this is to “spy” on them; meaning you can mimic their strategies and hopefully earn money like they do.
Watch Brad Use Affiliate Elite to Spy Keywords from a Competitor

Check out Affiliate Elite and try it out for yourself for just 5 bucks

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