All You have Wanted To Know About Free Traffic

All You?ve Wanted To Know About Free Traffic

Everyone who wants to generate traffic on their site must surely read this free traffic guide. It involves a lot of time, sometimes weeks or even months to promote your site on certain search engines. So go on and read this to know how you could have an edge over other websites. Here we have tried to tell you how you can go about your promotion efforts.

Phases Of Free Traffic

Phases you would have to go through to understand what free traffic guide is all about-
? List your site in the most popular Internet Directories.
? Submit an ODP or an Open Directory Project.
? After your ODP is cleared then submit your site to Yahoo.
? When both ODP and Yahoo include you, then get to know some popular search engines to optimize traffic.

Now let us understand the above phases one by one. You have to list your site with many important Internet Directories. Why? Because it is them who will send you a huge amount of traffic which in turn would rank you better. So in order to obtain the right knowledge about free traffic guide, make sure that your site exists on all major directories. Make sure that submission is accepted by writing good and meaningful content. Generally, your site would not be rejected unless the editors have a good reason.

After your listing at the directory is successful, your next job is to see that Yahoo takes a notice of your site. As this might be a commercial site it may require a lot of money to run it although non-commercial sites would run free of cost. A free traffic guide will provide you with some valuable advice, though the effort lies all in your hands. Check out the specific guidelines of Yahoo and after necessary alterations; submit your site to Yahoo.

After your site is registered both with the ODP as well as Yahoo you would already be getting more traffic than before. Your next task in knowing more about the free traffic guide would be to learn about the rankings at the search engines. Make your design as interesting and friendly as possible by putting in some time and effort. Optimize the use of good and attention-grabbing keywords so as to make your site have an upper hand. Learn about link popularity and Google?s algorithm and include them in your site as well. Your ultimate aim should be the optimization of your web pages for the search engines.

By now, your site is adequately prepared to bring more traffic onto your site. Now all you have to do is ensure that your site has a presence on all major search engines. You would be definitely exhausted by the end of all of this but believe me, the results are going to be very satisfying. Free traffic guide is all about helping you generate more traffic on your site. And that I am sure you would be able to do with some time and effort.

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