Another ad program? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Another ad program? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I agree, we’ve seen our share of pop-ins and pop-ups and so

But do you remember when those things first came out?

They were HIGHLY effective, and stayed effective for years.

Now they’re old hat, old school, and a big snooze to most of your

Time to grab your customer’s attention with something NEW, and
Peel Away Ads is just the ticket.

Check out their site here and look for the Peel Away Ad…


Pretty effective, isn’t it?

I mean, how could you NOT click on the ad?

It’s like finding a fat sealed envelope on the street… you’ve
just GOT to pick it up and see what’s inside!

Here’s what’s great about Peel Away Ads…

–You can use “Peel Away Ads” to increase your monthly income!

Make extra money with affiliate programs, products and services,
or rent advertising space in your own Hot Page Peel.

The only limit is your imagination.

–You’ll enjoy higher click through rates and conversions.

Because humans are curious creatures, this new type of ad
generates a very high click through rate.

You can use it for your Web sites, special product offers,
discounts, upsells and much more.

–You can install Peel Away Ads on ALL of your domains, no matter
HOW MANY you have!

–These are soooo EASY to set up… just add your domain
information to the script, put in the target URL, place your own
graphic, and you’re DONE.

Just that fast and simple, your Peel Away Ad is ready to make
money for you!

–You can rotate multiple ads. Maybe you want to test your ads to
see what’s working the best… or you want to sell advertising
space to others.

Either way, the Peel Away Ads script allows you to rotate
multiple ads on your site.

–You will reach nearly ALL of your visitors, because Page Peel
Ads script is supported by all web browsers since it uses the
Adobe Flash Player.

–One time stupid-low payment. There’s no recurring costs

Once you purchase Peel Away Ads, the script is YOURS to use for
as long as you want, wherever you want.


So what do you get with Peel Away Ads??

–The Peel Away Ads Script that you can use on as many sites you

–The Peel Away Rotating Ad Script to Show multiple rotating ads
on your site…

–The Step-by-Step Installation Video…

–Image Templates for your corner peel and background ad…

–Flash source file, for eye catching animation on your Peel Away

And here’s what you can do…

–You can place your peel in ANY corner of your website

–You can place your peel in ALL corners if you wish

–You decide if it opens in the same browser window or a new one

–You can have animated text in the small peeled corner (eye-

–You can have animated text in the large background corner

–You control the size and color of animated texts.

PLUS you get an awesome cool bonus that you’ll have to go here to


P.S. You might want to put Peel Away Ads on your blog, too. Like me! :)

Just think, you can use it to make affiliate commissions on all
kinds of products…

…or advertise your own products.

The possibilities are endless!


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