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The Backup Creator Review

I first came across Robert Plank a few years back when he launched a
number of products related to little PHP tips and tricks that could help in your business.

If I remember correctly, a later one was called Black Hat PHP, which I believe you can
still get on the web from 2008.

I believe he was studying his degree at the time and was applying things he learned from
a marketing perspective and he is one of those people who have the good fortune to be
technically gifted as well as a marketer.

That for me made me take a look at Backup Creator the day it was released because
I know that Robert likes to deliver well and to support his customers.

The first day I downloaded I came across an issue with the auto back up feature and
wrote a support ticket. It came out that there were a few others that had similar issues.
This was not Roberts fault in respect that certain hosting clients did not work in the
same way as the ones Robert had tested on.

If you have ever or will ever produce software for the web, this is something you will
come across for yourself.

Within a few hours, Robert released an updated version which fixed the issue and
in the week or so that followed (and since then) Robert has released newer version to
make it better and better.

What Does it Do?

In the first instance, it allows you to easily do a backup of your entire WordPress
. If you ever had a hacker attack on your server or you had a server crash or
corrupt data, you will know how bad it can be if you never made a backup.

I actually learned the hard way once on a site I had. It took a couple of weeks to
get it back up to something close to the original that I had lost. Just because I had not
backed up the site.

The part where Backup Creator kicks into its own is the fact that it virtually clones the
whole site, plugins, themes the whole lot.

This means you can create a simple blog installation once, and then everytime you need
to set up a blog again in the future, you just use Backup Creator software to set up a
fully functional blog in seconds complete with your favourite plugins and themes already
included. This alone is a massive time saving.

Let me step in here and point on the negatives. When you “clone” a site, you will find
when you then transfer to another site that it will carry some content over that you will need
to delete or change. But this is a small snag when you look at the simple time saver it offers
let alone the security of backing up content.

If you are looking for a WordPress Backup tool, and or a way to make some money off
of doing it, then look no further than Backup Creator. On a final note, I have used another
clone software out there and this one beat it into touch with ease. One I definitely
recommend you check out.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Interested in finding out more before you grab your copy?

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