Basic Knowhow Regarding What Is Web 2.0

Basic Knowhow Regarding What Is Web 2.0

Any answer to what is Web 2.0 will necessarily have to encompass a wide range of Internet-based tools and their usage. This holds true because, today, the advanced Internet technology is so dynamic in its progress that you really have to keep abreast of the emerging changes almost on a day-to-day basis. Broadly, the various technologies that come under the umbrella of Web 2.0 include tags, blogs, AJAX, social bookmarking, and RSS. The basic undercurrent of these technologies involves you in a more active way than before, so that you become a dynamic contributor instead of being a passive reader.

The Brighter Side Of Web 2.0

The simplest answer to what is Web 2.0 can be that the earlier versions of Web 1.0 have now developed further. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, the old methodology of providing news and information has now been improved and made more dynamic. News is now not the domain of only a few large corporations. However, the web pages are now vibrant with the latest technological advancements and are updated by the hour. Gone are the days when updates were only done after a long interval. The opportunities for the advancement of the World Wide Web have now multiplied manifold and a new era has dawned in which even the nonprofits can create more funds and work more effectively towards improving the quality of life.


Blog, which is a short form of web log, is the prime example of what is Web 2.0. It gives the perfect platform for ordinary mortals to express their viewpoints, stories, and experiences on any particular topic. The easiest way to put across these stories or opinions to the entire world is to publish them on a blog. Almost any topic under the sun can be covered by these blogs.


When we discuss what is Web 2.0, RSS stands out prominently as a very important application. It allows you to have the latest updates and headlines on your desktop, without the need to browse any website. Moreover, such information can also be made available to your constituents and supporters, without having to dispatch a newsletter or an e-mail. RSS, which is the short form of Really Simple Syndication, does not cost you anything and is very simple.

Social Bookmarking And Tagging

When we try to answer the question what is Web 2.0, we can?t overlook tagging and bookmarking, as these are important applications of Web 2.0. Tagging makes it easy to tag any information that you might have dug up from the Internet after putting in a lot of hard work, so that you can find it easily the next time you wish to go through the same. Moreover, the use of keywords has made it extremely easy to look for information that might have been tagged by someone else with the same keywords. Social bookmarking tools such as, flickr, and 43 things website have made organizing and finding URLs a very simple task.

The best answer to what is Web 2.0 lies in the speed with which these applications, such as AJAX, have helped in getting immediate results when a user clicks a map or any other such application.

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