Blog Your Way to Financial Freedom

Blog Your Way to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom and a perpetual income flow is a dream come true for most of us. Did you know a blog could make your dreams come true? So how does this happen and what do you need to do?

Your Subject Determines Your Success
To begin with, you need a hot subject to set up your web log. You may be the worlds authority on ancient Mayan civilizations. But if enough people are not interested in it then what is the point? Especially, if cash flow is what you are interested in. On the other hand you could set up a blog on coaching soccer but that is so common a topic that there is hardly any possibility of you being regarded as the leading authority on the subject unless you have coached premier leagues.

The key lies in choosing a topic where you get adequate readership without the perils of over exposure. If you can get such a subject, half the battle is won.

Let us be absolutely clear about another issue. You cannot make money out of a blog unless you are willing to put in work over it. Even when you have found a subject that invokes sufficient interest among both the general public and in you, you still have to be a near expert on the subject before anyone else will spend time with you and your blog.

OK, so you have a subject, niche but not so niche that only a 100 PhD scholars will be interested in it. What then is the next step?

Finding Your Domain
You now buy your own domain on the web something like and build your web pages to discuss the subject you have chosen. Quite often you will find that the domain name you really like has been taken, so you would need to hunt till you find one that you like. Creativity pays here. Think of the various combinations you would use if you were searching for information on a particular subject. Even if you cant find a good domain name, all is not lost if you optimize your site for the most popular search engines since most users rarely type in the domain name anyway.

There are a number of commonly available software that allow you to set up blogs. In most cases you can take up the software versions first and then graduate to a fully paid up version as you become clearer about your needs and as your blog begins to show its potential to generate a cash flow.

OK, we have set up a blog and it feels great to see it on the web. How on earth do you make it generate money?

The answer, my friend, lies on the next page!

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