Blogging Sites You Could Use To Make Money

Blogging Sites You Could Use To Make Money

You would need to consult blogging sites for placement of ads and promoting your product effectively on your site. There are hundreds of blogs on the internet today, so how do you get advertisers to advertise on your blog. This very difficult task can be eased out by using advertising networks. In the following paragraphs are a list of blogging sites you can use.

Some Popular Blogging Sites

? Expoactive- Through this site you are offered the right to choose specific ads you would like to display on your site. You also have the freedom to see the visual appearance of the ad. You will be paid on the per click basis.
? Adbrite- This site offers you a variety of ads to choose from. You can select from text ads, full page ads, video ads as well as inline ads. The blogger will have the capacity to accept or reject the ad.
? Crispads- This network will allow the blogger to name their price. Smaller blogs are allowed to participate in large sponsorships. You would not find this option with many other networks.
? Chitika- In this site you would have several ad formats to choose from. Some of them are shoplincs,owna,eminimalls,linx etc.

The above mentioned blogging sites are a good source of revenue earners. They will help you make fast money by optimizing your blog through these advertising networks.

If you feel that other bloggers get more traffic than you do then maybe you should get more attention than they get. Visit all the good blogging sites and make sure that you are doing your homework. Work more to bring traffic to your blog. Submit your site to social websites. Some social websites are Digg, Reddit, Blue Dot and Technorati. Write articles related to your product and put them on article directories, also comment on other articles related to your product in your niche.

The above mentioned ways may all be great ways to attract traffic to your blog. But now the question arises, that do they pay you enough. There is another community available for bloggers. This is the Swypefile. Swypefile is not just another blogging site. The catch here is that can make you make money through submission of posts. Swypefile has double benefit, which means that as well as receiving more traffic, you can even add Google Adsense publisher ID to your profile. Now you can make money even when people click on the ads displayed on those pages which have content submitted by you.

You would definitely be in a good position to earn better via Google Adsense. It would allow revenue sharing and even encourage you to facilitate the process. By now you must have a fair idea as to how you can use any blogging site to earn better. Happy Blogging!

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