Blogging Video – All You Wanted To Know About Vblogging

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Blogging Video ? All You Wanted To Know About Vblogging!

Blogging video, also referred to as ?vblogging? is like a regular blogging internet feature that is rapidly becoming popular. As compared to regular blogging, where the bloggers share their views and comments by writing mails and comments to each other, blogging video posts a series of personal and business-related videos that seek audience comments and remarks.

What Is Required In The Process Of Blogging Video?

A video blog is not as convenient as a regular blog. In case of a normal blog, you are just required to type in text to share your views and comments with other bloggers. However, in case of a video blog, one needs to have a decent PC or Mac computer that can work with movie software and a camera that can video images as well as still pictures. To create a video blog, you need to create a movie or a series of shots. Once prepared, download it on the computer for formatting and compressing.

There are a number of movie programs that can be used to work with a video blog. The prominently used movie programs are iMovie or Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro and Avid Free DV. After the movie has been made and downloaded, the movie program can be used to add music, insert a new movie clip, titles and sub-titles and make changes to the video. After the video is created, the same needs to be compressed so that it is easier for others to download and view it quickly.

One must not forget that along with the video, the blog must also have some text in context of the video so that the video blog can be categorized and is not lost in search engines as many of them do not recognize video blogs.

Suitability And Benefits Of Blogging Video

A video blog is a great way to express oneself with completeness that might not otherwise be possible with a regular blog where the bloggers only exchange written posts and comments. In case of a video blog, the bloggers can share their personal moments that might otherwise be indescribable in a written blog. Just think how great it would be to share the moment when your baby took his first steps or your surprise birthday bash with your fellow bloggers!

Vblogging can also be used by a company to share professional information with its customers as well as clients. To share a recipe and its preparation method by writing is now a thing of the past. With the launch of blogging video, a chef can easily share the recipe preparation with fellow bloggers, thus making it easy for them to follow the procedure. A businessman can use it to demonstrate the product functionality to its potential customers. Imagine how convenient it would be, if instead of a salesman knocking your door to demonstrate a product, the same could be done with the products blog, helping you watch the same at your own comfort and leisure!

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