Blogs, Blogging And Bloggers

Blogs, Blogging And Bloggers

Blogs, blogging and bloggers are a current rage. So what is a blog? And who are bloggers and how does one go about blogging? The answers to all these questions lie here.

Defining A Blog, Blogger And Blogging

A blog is a short name for a weblog. It contains test, images, data in chronological order. The person who authors a blog or writes comments for others blogs is called a blogger. The activity of writing for blogs is called as blogging.

Features Of A Blog

Here are some features of a blog for you to know more about this internet tool:-
A blog does not require you to have any technical knowledge to maintain it. Anyone can run and keep a blog.
The postings on the blog are always in chronological order. The latest postings are on the top as the most prominent and the older entries are below it. This is also called as the reverse chronological order.
The individual articles that are posted on the blog are referred to as posts, blog posts, or entries.
A blog can comprise of text, hypertext, images, and links.
Blogs always use a conversational style of documentation.
Mostly blogs focus on a specific area. This is called the niche. However, there are blogs on all types of topics such as food, God, soccer, hobby, gardening etc. to name a popular few.
A blog has many applications. Besides giving the blogger an opportunity to vent his emotions, words and thoughts, a blog also links you to a vast community of like-minded people. Being a part of a blogging community can help a person to share ideas with others, make more friends, gain knowledge and even do business.
A blog can be used to earn money by linking it with a Google Adsense program or with affiliate marketing.

Main Parts Of A Blog

The front page of the blog is called the Archives page. This page hides a plethora of other pages under it. At any given time, a blogs main page can have over 500 pages under it. So go on and explore. Just dont go for the book by its cover!

People who read and send posts should know that their posts are on this top page. As their posts keep getting older, they start moving downwards on the archives page. Older posts that do not figure on the Archives page can be linked to with the sidebar or Categories section.

Blogging is a conversation and not a monologue. So a feedback to everything that a blogger writes on the blog can be sent by clicking on the Comments link at the bottom of each of the posts. When you send back a feedback, you will need to fill a form with your name and email address as well.

You can write a blog yourself or enjoy answering queries in others blogs. Do as you like. Read a lot of blogs and bookmark some. Go on, have fun with blogging, and join the billion plus community of bloggers from all around the world.

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