Boost Your Profitability By Opting For Automated Responder Email Marketing

Boost Your Profitability By Opting For Automated Responder Email Marketing

Automated responder email marketing is the secret behind the success of many flourishing online businesses today. Apart from building a large subscribers list, building and maintaining a reliable and trustworthy relationship with your customers is also very important in an online business. While marketing online, you have to be prompt and give timely responses to your customers? mails and queries in order to retain their interest. Now you can do this very efficiently through automated responder email marketing. Besides sending regular emails, it also helps you keep track the emails that are getting more responses.

Special Features Of Automated Responder Email Marketing

1. Immediate acknowledgement of the subscriber?s mail: With an automated responder, you do not have to worry about sending acknowledgement mails to each subscriber. An auto responder sends automatic email acknowledgement messages to the customers while you can take the time to work on the queries sent by them.
2. Periodical release of course material: Websites dealing with e-books usually send periodical course material to their subscribers, who have signed up for a free course with them. They can make use of auto responder to send periodical messages by scheduling the release of series of emails on the specific dates, thereby reducing their workload.
3. FAQs and other solutions: Subscribers who are interested in your product may have many queries regarding it. You can solve some of their frequently asked queries by sending automated replies and FAQs through automated responder email marketing.
4. You can promote your products: A customer who has visited your website only once may not be able to get the full information on the site. An auto responder helps him have the complete information by sending regular and systematic details of the site through emails.

Automated Responder Vs Email Server

One may have a question- why not use a self-run email server rather than opting for an auto responder and paying a monthly fee? The answer for this question lies with the multiple benefits that are provided by automated responder email marketing.
1. The first advantage is the delivery rate. The delivery rate of an auto responder, when compared to an email server, is very high.
2. An auto responder allows you to create an opt-in form on your site to have the subscribers list.
3. You can write as many messages as you want and schedule them to be sent on different later dates.
4. You can categorize your subscribers and send specific messages related to individual groups.
5. You can create mini-courses and schedule them to send weekly, monthly or years together.

Thus, all the above benefits of automated responder email marketing subdue an email server and the small price that you pay is worth the cost.

Building a reliable relationship with your customer is always important whether you market online or by any other means. A customer will buy from you only when he trusts that he can rely upon you. Therefore, by opting for automated responder email marketing, you can build the trust required for your success.

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