Call Centers In The Philippines

The growth of the call center industry of the Philippines is due to the growth of call center agencies providing outsourcing services to other companies. However, other than serving their services to companies in the Philippines, many of these call center agencies are also known to provide their service to companies outside the country.

Because of the success of the industry, a number of call center agencies and companies have been established in the Philippines, both by the Filipinos or by foreign business owners. One popular example of a successful call center company in the Philippines is Magellan Call Center.

Call centers in the Philippines
Magellan Call Center is a Philippine call center agency which was founded in 2005. Most of its services include Live Answering Service or inbound call center such as order taking services as well as reservation call center services including hotel reservations and booking, restaurant reservation, travel reservation, ticket bookings, as well as doctor appointments and, salon and spa reservations.

The company focuses mainly in providing outsourcing services such as Live Answering Service to small and medium companies who cannot afford to hire call center services from other providers.

However, other than Magellan Call Center, a number of call center agencies have also gained a lot of recognition in the Philippine market in terms of providing Live Answering Service and other call center services, in which most of it foreign companies. These include:

A Fortune Global 500 company, the company has over 190,000 employees in 200 locations in over 120 countries, including in the Philippines, in 2010. Accenture’s current clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of the Fortune Global 500.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company provides customer relationship services, outsourced human resources management, consulting and professional services, billing services, and multichannel self-care technology system to its clients. Most of its clients are companies in the telecommunications, financial services, technology, government, and employee care markets.

Is a multinational corporation which provides business process outsourcing services, such as technical support and customer service. Sykes has over 51,000 employees at 80+ locations in 24 countries operating in 30 languages, including in the Philippines. For more information visit to our site at

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