Cracking The Adsense Formula

Cracking The Adsense Formula

Adsense formula is something that you need to learn. Adsense is undoubtedly one of the best revenue sharing programs that can help you generate a huge income, but it takes time and hard work. It is a skill that you have to acquire in order to document your adsense success story. Before we go ahead and start exploring that formula, it is very important for you to understand that you have to be honest in your efforts. You cannot cheat your way to success as far as adsense earning is concerned. Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is that no Adsense formula can tell you how to make your site a big success. It can only guide you and show you the right path. It is you who actually has to walk on that path with the right strategy.

Understanding The Adsense Variables

Adsense earnings can be described as the addition of high CTR, TT, and content on your site. Here, TT stands for highly targeted traffic. CTR refers to the high optimization of the placement of the ad units. These factors are considered as variables in Adsense formula, as they constantly change but it allows you to have full control on them. If you have done the optimization of all these variables properly, it will definitely help you make a huge and fast ever-growing income.

The Adsense Content

It has been found that people focus mainly on choosing the high paying keywords so that they could make a higher amount of income. This is not a very good idea. It is very important for you to understand that the search engines treat keywords and key phrases differently. The broad keywords, such as yoga, debt, pregnancy, bankruptcy, etc have low payouts and CTR. Furthermore, some people also want to use free articles that are widely available on Internet. This is also not a good Adsense formula, as search engines do not like it. You should focus on developing unique content that is interesting for the human readers as well as the search engine spiders.


CTR is one of the important components of the Adsense formula. It is about the proper placement of the Google Ads. In order to get high adsense CTR, you must focus on optimal adsense ad placement. Let me share with you some of the best locations on a web page that have found to receive the most clicks.
Within the content. However, this placement works only if the articles are very informative and interesting to the readers.
Vertical ads in the side column on the left side along with the other navigation links.
However, as per the Adsense formula, the best place is perhaps just above the fold. The fold is the section of the web page that is visible without scrolling.
If you think that the articles are interesting enough and the visitors will read it till the end, you are also recommended to place an ad unit at the end of your content at the bottom of your page.

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