Direct Email Marketing – How To Build A Larger Opt-In List

Direct Email Marketing – How To Build A Larger Opt-In List

When it comes to running a successful direct email marketing campaign, one of the biggest challenges is to build an opt-in list. The opt-in list is the list of the email addresses of the people who want to receive newsletters and other updates from you. It is as if they have given you the permission to send them emails that will inform about the products or services that you are offering. This list is the most valuable asset for you regarding your campaign. A larger list simply means a wider exposure of your business to the prospects. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the techniques on collecting the email addresses of the prospects. Following are some of the tried and tested ways to add more and more opt-in subscribers to the list.

Incentives For Subscribers

The most proven method of building an extensive opt-in list for the direct email marketing is to offer some incentives for the visitors who sign up for the newsletters. There can be two types of incentives that you can offer. For one, you can offer an attractive premium, coupon, special report, white paper, or simple discounts on the products and services that you are promoting from your website. Such incentives have been found to be very helpful in increasing the sign-up rates. The second type of incentive is the content that you will offer through the emails. You are recommended to explain the type of content and their features that will be sent through the emails to the subscribers. Such transparency in the list building for direct email marketing will attract more and more visitors and they will be encouraged to sign up if they find the content truly interesting. Therefore, it always pays to undergo some pain in describing the case studies, editorials, feature stories, articles, and other valuable content. A great idea is to publish an email newsletter on your website. It will give the visitors a better idea regarding what exactly you are offering through such subscription services and they will eventually be motivated to sign up.

Place The Sign In Form On Every Web Page

List building is perhaps the most important step for any direct email marketing campaign. Therefore, you have to work hard in order to collect more and more opt-in email addresses from the prospects. For example, some marketers make the mistake of putting the sign in form only on the homepage of their website. However, sometimes, visitors spend more time on other pages and not just the homepage. Therefore, the best method is to put the opt-in box on every page of your site.

Last, but not the least, do not forget to test your opt-in offers. Make sure that the incentives you are offering are able to pull the highest number of opt-ins for direct email marketing.

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