Effective Video Marketing Tips

Effective Video Marketing Tips

You know you?ve done effective video marketing when you start getting orders from your customers. And when you get more orders from the same customers, you can shriek with delight – you?ve built a loyal customer base!

What?s the commonest answer when you ask your customers how they came to know of your product or service? Well, they would say somebody referred you to them. And this is a simple truth about effective video marketing, stated by Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerilla Marketing Expert ? ?People dislike admitting that they are affected by marketing.? Hence, they give credit to their friends or colleagues!

Referrals do have power. And they are generally received within a month of original sale. So, what do these facts indicate? To be more precise, what should you do to make an effective video marketing effort?

Providing Customer Service That Make Customers Happy

An excellent customer service never fails to attract customers. Moreover, it?s one of the best ways to increase your word-of-mouth publicity. When you make your customers feel like a king; they are certainly gonna bestow their love (read money) on you (read to buy your products and services)!

Building Loyal Customers

Seen those ads of credit card companies? How generously they portray themselves by rendering frequent flyer miles, cash back incentives, and other such alluring schemes to their clients! Well, it?s a part of their Customer Loyalty programs. The motive behind such ?generosity? is to build a loyal customer base? customers that come to them repeatedly without batting an eyelid.

You don?t need a degree in effective video marketing to create your own programs aimed towards building customer loyalty. With a little investment, you can provide schemes like referral bonuses, annual rebate programs, and preferred customers? discounts to your clients. These have the potential to bring you a rich harvest of money.

Reaping Viral Marketing Benefits

Online business contains certain viral marketing benefits. For example, you can exploit suggestive selling techniques, if your shopping cart program has the provision for it. Sites like Amazon are known to suggest like-themed products or services. They?re also popular for notifying their clients through email when their items under client?s interest theme are released.

This doesn?t require the use of some hi-tech scripts to get the desired effective video marketing results. You just need to include a few custom fields in your mailing list form that helps you to spot your target customer groups.

There is a slew of shopping cart programs that let you download order data on the basis of product themes or individual SKU numbers. You can use them to post reminder messages to update your products, companion products, warranty details, and other such information.

To say it in one sentence, the secret to effective video marketing is to offer what your customer needs, and NOT what you have.

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