Email Marketing Review – See How You Have Done So Far

Email Marketing Review – See How You Have Done So Far

If you have been using online email marketing to get new customers, it is necessary that every year, you do an email marketing review. This will help you figure out how you have done so far. Based on how you have done, you will be able to work out new strategies to improve and expand your business with the help of email marketing.

Review Past Twelve Months

To make a good assessment of how well your business is doing, you need to do an email marketing review of atleast the past twelve months. This will give you a fair idea whether your email marketing has met the goals that you set or not. Moreover, doing a review of the past twelve months would not be hard. This is because; your email marketing service has several reporting features that help in the review process.

When you begin your email marketing review, the first thing that you need to assess is whether or not you have accomplished what you wanted to achieve with email marketing. In other words, did you achieve your goals? Find out whether or not email marketing has benefited to your organization.

Contact List

One of the purposes of email marketing system is to allow you to expand your contact list. So when you do your email marketing review, see whether you have collected email addresses at every given opportunity. Did everyone in your business asked for email addresses at every chance? You also need to see whether the list has been segmented properly or not. If your list has grown over the months, figure out how you can segment it further for more targeted marketing. Finally, you need to figure out ways to expand your list further.


Email marketing is all about communication. It is essential that you send the right message across. Your email marketing review should help you analyze the quality of your campaigns. Did your emails have a compelling content? Did you offer your customers information that they would value? Figure out how you can improve your communications, so that you can increase your profit margin and expand your customer?s list.

With the help of email marketing review, you need to assess your email campaigns. See which campaigns were successful and which were not. What were the topics that your customers found interesting and which they did not find interesting. See what you need to do to improve your campaigns. Your review should definitely incorporate the feedback from your friends and colleagues. Also, ask your list members for their feedback.

How You Can Improve

After you have conducted your email marketing review, you need to sit down and assess how you can improve. It would help if you review campaigns of other companies. This might give you an insight into new ways to improve your email marketing campaigns. You will also find many resources on the net that will help you improve your email marketing. The review will help you set new goals and improve your business strategies.

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