Email Marketing System – Increasing Your Profit Margin

Email Marketing System – Increasing Your Profit Margin

Email marketing system is all about getting the targeted traffic to your website. All those who are in the online business understand the importance of targeted traffic. Targeted traffic gets you the customers and customers get you the profit. However, in the zeal to get targeted traffic many forget to cater to their current customers.

Did you know that most of your profit will come after the first sale to a customer? Most of the profit earned by online businesses comes from multiple sales to each individual customer. This is a fact that many tend to neglect at their own cost. If you want to make continuous profit from your email marketing system, you must never forget the customers that you already have.

Maintaining Follow-up

Through your email marketing system, you need to maintain a continuous relationship with your existing customers. You can do that by offering them great value products and services. Remember that it is always easier to sell to existing customers. You need to follow up with your existing customers on a regular basis.

Auto Responder Account

Here you might be wondering how you should follow up with your customers. For that, you will need an auto-responder account with your email marketing system. On your auto-responder account, you can set up the content, the follow up messages that you want going out, and the schedule of day on which you want the emails to go out to your customers. You can add new messages as and when you feel you should. Once the auto-responder account has been set up, your customers will receive regular messages and emails from you. So make sure that you have something of value to offer to them.

After you have set up an auto-responder account with your email marketing system provider, you should copy some HTML code for your opt-in box. Then insert the opt-in box in your web pages, blogs and lead capture pages. I am assuming that you already have a good traffic flowing in to your sites. Now all you need to do is offer the visitors a very good reason to join your list. You can offer them freebies. Once you have lots of subscribers and customers you need to follow-up.


The benefit of using an auto-responder with your email marketing system is that it lets you categorize your subscribers and customers. In other words, you can have several lists of subscribers and customers based on what they prefer and like. This allows you to market the right product to the right audience. For example, if you are selling gardening related products, you might have customers who are more interested in buying gardening tools from you. So when you have new stock of tools coming, you can send an email or a message to those customers.

Knowing how to manage your existing customers with email marketing system is the key to increasing your profit margin.

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