Emerging Trend Of Web Video Marketing

Emerging Trend Of Web Video Marketing

Web video marketing is the latest trend in online marketing that is super hot! For large organizations as well as for small growing companies, the internet is the biggest platform. It offers limitless marketing opportunities and the potential to reach customers all over the globe. Many big companies, with million dollar marketing budgets, are studying and collecting data about the impact of web video marketing. The statistics thus derived are being discussed everywhere by the marketing executives.

Reasons For Popularity Of This Trend

You might wonder- what is the reason behind the popularity of the web video marketing? Why is it catching up so fast? There are some basic reasons for this trend, let us take a brief look at them:
? The new low cost portable devices like laptops and phones with Wi-fi wireless internet connectivity have given internet access to people who are on the move constantly. These devices have the capability to get streaming online videos that are used for marketing.
? The high speed broadband services as well as other low cost internet connections are widely available in all cities, towns and even very small places.
? The Youtube phenomenon has made uploading and downloading videos extremely convenient and so much fun that everyone is doing it. The web video marketing material can be easily downloaded and seen by people even on wireless internet connections.
? In US, video viewing is catching up like wild fever. In September 2007, 9 billion videos were watched by internet surfers. You can see the potential here; many people must have watched web marketing videos also.
? In a survey conducted by Burst Media, it was found that people in the age group of 35-44 and 45-54 are as likely to watch a video as the people in the age group of 18-24. This shows that the professionals, who are almost settled in their careers and are buyers of all kinds of goods and services, also watch these videos a lot. Web video marketing gets benefited by these people the most.

Boon For Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, it is a win-win situation. The cost of making a web video marketing content is low and the reach is enormous. You have to get the text converted into infomercials or business emercials. You either have to be trained to do this or you may hire a professional to do this for you. This marketing strategy will earn you far more profits than you can ever imagine. You should not neglect the growing trend of web video marketing and also must not ignore the reach and range of the internet. This latest technology is worth the cost and effort to make it a permanent part of your marketing and advertising mix.

To get the maximum benefits from this phenomenon, it is important to get your videos posted on strategic locations. Search engines, popular shopping sites and general entertainment sites are good places to start with. Here again you may take help of the internet experts and do your web video marketing in a more efficient way.

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