Free Email Marketing – Tips To Run A Successful Campaign

Free Email Marketing – Tips To Run A Successful Campaign

When it comes to promoting the products and services to the online prospects, free email marketing is perhaps the most popular way out there. If you are also running or planning to run such a campaign, make sure that you keep the following tips in mind.

Spam Is Not Only Unethical, But Also Illegal

Email Spamming is not only a frustrating and unpleasant experience for the recipient but it has now also been declared as illegal in countries like America. However, even if you live in a country where SPAM is not illegal, you are recommended not to go in for that. Even if it is not illegal, it is definitely unethical. Such efforts will only maximize your troubles and you will gain nothing. Especially, if you are using a free email marketing service, make sure that it is not going to result in SPAM emails for the prospects. It will annoy your prospective customers and you will lose them before you actually win them.

Choose Your Words Carefully

In an attempt to stop spamming, most of the email clients have marked some words or phrases as SPAM, such as ?earn money?, ?win cash?, ?lottery?, etc. Therefore, while you are developing the content of the email, you must choose your words very carefully.

Always Use A Professional Email Account

It does not matter whether you are using a paid or free email marketing service, make sure that you are not using a free email account to send emails to the prospective customers. Free accounts will create a negative image of the sender among the prospects. You will be treated as an amateur. And the strict SPAM filters are likely to mark your email as SPAM. Therefore, the best way is always to use a professional email account on the domain name of your website.

Never Send Out Unsolicited Emails

The best free email marketing strategies strictly prohibit you to buy email addresses in bulk from a source that is not reliable. Even if it is a reliable source, the email addresses may not lead to the prospects. That is the reason why most professional online marketers prefer to undergo the pain of building their own opt-in list. The process is simple, but it is a bit time consuming. As per the process, you will have to provide a sign in form on your website so that the visitors who find something interesting on your site may provide their email addresses in order to receive the updates.

Auto Responder

No free email marketing campaign can be successful without an effective auto responder. You will be glad to know that some websites offer free auto responder programs. However, the paid ones will provide you with more features.

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