Free Search Engine Traffic – Viral Marketing Techniques

Free Search Engine Traffic – Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing has been one of the best methods to attract free search engine traffic to your website. However, you may find the method a bit on the sneaky side because it is about making an interactive web page on social networking sites, writing eBooks, developing a silly game, or making a funny video. The objective is to spread all these things on the World Wide Web in order to promote your website link, product or company name. If the visitors find the video, ebook, or the game funny or entertaining, they are very much likely to send the same to their friends and families. This way, it may start spreading throughout the web. Since you are distributing these things for free, people may use the same on different forums, blogs, and even on their websites. This will definitely bring loads of free search engine traffic to your website. It is a clever advertising method because when users read the ebook, watch the video, or play the game, they are also bound to look at the advertisements you have attached with them. If they really like the content, they will definitely click on the links and visit your website out of pure instinct. Following are some of the valuable suggestions that will help you succeed in your viral marketing efforts.

? While you are developing the video, ebook, or game with an objective to bring in free search engine traffic, your target must be to attract the social web community. The key to success here is to make certain improvements to the design and content of your website so that the social web could find it more appealing.
? Do not forget to provide a link on your website so that the users could invite their friends. It is also a good idea to offer some sort of incentive for the users who make invitations. For example, you can even organize a contest for the users where the user with the most invitations will get rewarded. This will definitely have a positive impact on the free search engine traffic for your website.
? If you are already a member of some social networking websites, you can also take advantage of your contacts. For example, if you know many people who are using MySpace, you can easily turn it into an opportunity to establish a niche network community.
? Another proven method is to write teasers on social networking sites or forums. You can include the link of the full article placed on your website.
? You can also bring in considerable volume of free search engine traffic by targeting Digg users with your blog articles.
? If you are an expert in your field, you can also join LinkedIn, which is an online community of experienced professionals.

Viral marketing is an effective way to get free search engine traffic. You just need to be a bit creative and innovative in your efforts.

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