Free Traffic Exchange Program – It Makes Clicking More Interesting Than Ever

Free Traffic Exchange Program – It Makes Clicking More Interesting Than Ever!

A free traffic exchange program can be formulated in various ways containing various functions. The basic concept of such a program is to take a look at others? websites or ads in exchange to getting them to look at your website.

You can have access to two basic free traffic exchange programs. Let?s have a brief look at them.

The Manual Surf Exchange

This free traffic exchange program allows you to click on others? websites manually. The system is encrypted with some anti-cheat method that prevents cases of cheating. This is important, as there are many systems devoid of such anti-cheating devices and are victims of frivolous cheating.

The Auto Surf Exchange

This is a relatively easier free traffic exchange program to use. However, it may be less effective. The idea of such a program is to free you of all efforts. This is an automatic system that changes websites every fixed number of seconds.

Features Of Free Traffic Exchange Program

? Most of them offer free ?credits? or visitors to new members for signing up. The amount of visitors ranges from 50 to 10,000, even more!
? All exchange programs feature surfing ratios. It may range from 1:1 to 5:1 and more. This ratio means that for every X number of times you view another?s site, someone else will view your site Y number of times. So, 5:1 ratio means that for every 5 sites you view, others will view your site once.
? Timer rates are another feature of free traffic exchange program. It refers to the total time you view a website before moving to another. Average timer rates vary from 30 to 15 seconds per site. In case of manual surf program, this is the amount of time that you should view a site before switching to another, or else you miss credit for site viewing. In case of auto surf program, this is the time that the system waits before switching to another site.
? Another feature is referral bonuses. You get extra credits for telling other people about the exchange program. For every webpage your referral visits, you get a percentage of credit.
? There are other free traffic exchange programs that provide nifty additional features like games, lotteries, trivia for points, and other such enticements to make clicking an interesting job!

So, join a free traffic exchange program and start clicking money!

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