Getting Started With Blogging – Host Your Own Blog From Your Own Website

Getting Started With Blogging – Host Your Own Blog From Your Own Website

Getting started with blogging may sound very simple, especially keeping in view the easy availability of the process offered by the hosted versions of WordPress and Blogger. They create a free blog for anybody. However, it is important for you to understand that running a blog and owning a blog are two different things. When you run a free blog, you do not actually own it and so cannot use the same to promote your website in real sense. You can definitely write content to advertise your website and even add a link to the same. However, such things are not considered as enough to attract the search engine spiders to your website directly. It is because neither the files that hold your content nor the software you need to manage the content are hosted on your website. Therefore, if you want to have better control and latitude in the content, design and formatting of your blog, you are advised to consider getting started with blogging from your own website.

Uploading WordPress Onto Your Website Is Easy

In order to upload WordPress onto your website, all you have to do is just to visit their official website, download the required software on your computer system, and then upload the same into a directory of your choice on your website. You can do it either using the control panel of your web host or the FTP program. However, using the FTP client is probably the easiest way when it comes to getting started with blogging. Once the software is uploaded, you just have to make a couple of alterations as suggested in the instruction manual provided by wordpress. You can access the instructions directly on its website. Now you can upload any number of blog templates and finalize then one that best suits your designing needs. WordPress also allows you to upload the multitude of plugins. You get complete freedom to change practically every aspect of your blog. If you are good at HTML and other programming languages, you can even use the same to change the design of your blog in a way that suits your specific needs.

Where To Get The Templates For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress itself provides hundreds of themes and templates while you are getting started with blogging. Conversely, you can also find hundreds of other websites that offer an extensive range of free and paid template designs. What is more, if you are knowledgeable enough to write the various scripts, you can even come up with your own customized template.

Overall, the objective should be to create a blog exactly as you want it. If you are capable of doing this, getting started with blogging will provide you a great tool at your disposal that you can use to make direct sales, to promote your products, and whatever else you want to do.

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