Getting Started With Blogging – Steps To Build A Blog

Getting Started With Blogging – Steps To Build A Blog

If it is the first time you are considering getting started with blogging, you must be looking out for the steps that you have to follow. Let me give you a brief insight into the same.

Choosing The Best Blog Publishing Tools

Try searching for the best blog publishing tool on a search engine and you will be amazed to know that there is virtually a jungle out there. There are hundreds of choices available to you when it comes to getting started with blogging. However, the tops ones include just a few big names, including Blogger (, WordPress (, Blog Drive (, Live Journal (, and MSN Spaces (

Every publishing tool has its own features. For example, the Live Journal may not be a good choice for those who are new to the world of blogging, as it requires a bit of blogging knowledge in order to set up your blog. On the other hand, Blogger and WordPress offer a much simpler way and even a novice can easily set up a blog with either of them. You do not even need to have knowledge regarding the HTML codes. However, if you know the HTML codes and have basic idea how to make changes in the blog script, it will definitely help you achieve a customized design for your blog. This way, you will be getting started with blogging in the best possible way. Unlike other tools, Blogger also provides you multiple authoring ability.

Review Additional Blog Features

You can also add several additional blog features by paying a monthly fee to Typepad ( or Tripod Blogs ( The package starts at $4.95/month.

Choose The Title Of Your Blog

While you are getting started with blogging, the next step is to choose a suitable title for your blog. It is always better to be a bit creative while you are creating the blog description or tag line. Always remember that search engines read the title and description of your blog when they rank your blog in the search engine results. A focused title has dual advantages. First, it makes it clear to the readers that what your blog is all about. Second, it helps the blog get higher search engine ranking. The title should be concise and the description should be a little creative.

The Theme Of The Blog

The theme of a blog includes several things, such as the color of the page, background image, archive style, formatting of the content, navigation bars, and things like that. The content theme should be exceptionally consistent.

What And How To Write

There are no rules to write the content when you are getting started with blogging. You can choose your own style. However, you are recommended to keep in mind the following things.
Use the keywords in the blog title, description and title of the blog posts.
Post the content on a regular basis. Daily is better but you may also choose to post twice a week or even monthly.
Do not forget to proofread before publishing the content.

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