Getting Value Out Of Your Blog

Getting Value Out Of Your Blog

When you have put in sufficient effort and valuable information into your blog, you have completed one essential step in the process of getting value out of your blog. It may sound like a lot of work, but then a stream of cash flow cannot be generated unless you are giving solid value in return.

Lets say you have put in great research to build your site. There is genuine value on it and you are sure that people will pay to access it. Why not spawn off a site where readers pay to get access? You can keep your cutting edge there and move it to your blog after a couple of weeks or so. Of course, I need not tell you about having to put stuff of real value there.

Get Into E-Books
You can even package your content and sell it online as an e-book or CD etc. After all the people out there are interested in great information, and if you are able to package it for them in one neat and well designed e-book or a printed book, there will be a number of takers. However, this will take a good bit of effort and you will need to ensure a very professional final product.

Tap The Power Of Consulting
Have you thought about positioning yourself as a consultant based on the strength of your blog? It is quite possible that you demonstrate great expertise in your chosen area and people are keen to tap into your knowledge. Obviously, if this is the income stream you have chosen, you might like to give indications that you are interested in taking on this kind of a role. You will need to think out your contract form and build a mechanism to take on tasks and accept payments. Remember also, that consulting will place greater demands on your time. Be sure that you have the time available before you take on these tasks. This is because in all probability, your clients will leave behind comments on your page and it is these comments which will get you more business.

You may find it hard to believe, but people still give donations. You will need to come across as a person who is supporting a cause that people will want to donate to. Be careful that you do not come out as a greedy person who wouldnt stop at anything to make an extra buck!

Look For Old Customers
As is evident from the last few paragraphs, there is more than one way to make money from your blog. However, never lose sight of the fact that it is value that people pay for. Only if you offer your readers genuinely useful information will they pay for it. You can judge the value of your stuff by the repeat business you generate. If old customers return then you are doing OK, otherwise you need to change your methods!

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