Google With Yet Another Featured Box On Search Results

Google are always introducing new innovations or attempting to move into different areas of business. Recently, Google introduced a new comparison feature, which allows users to compare credit cards.


The new service is being promoted online via new comparison ads, which appear underneath the already present sponsored ad results. Not only does this push natural results further down the page, but it also ensures Google’s service appears above all the other price comparison sites available.


These other sites, such as Money Expert, will be especially worried by Google’s most recent addition, as it pushes them one position further down for a very competitive term. Although these sites tend to offer comparison services on a range of different services, from travel insurance to temporary car insurance, comparing credit cards will represent a big chunk of their income.


They’ll also be concerned about how likely Google are to move into corresponding comparison areas, using their position in the search market to beat the competition. It now seems likely that we’ll soon see Google offering an instant car insurance quote for day car insurance or a comparison on travel insurance?


Perhaps a more pertinent question, is should Google be allowed to utilise their search dominance so heavily, to instantly appear above other comparison sites for hugely competetive terms without putting in the work? Some people may argue that it isn’t fair, and liken it to large supermarkets moving into an area and putting small greengrocers out of business.

On the other hand, you might suggest that it’s simply good business for Google to use their positive position in one market to aid them in moving into another? Lots of other big, successful and financially strong companies would do exactly the same thing in a similar position.


Either way, it will be interesting to see what Google get up to next; most of us are still eagerly awaiting their social media platform to make an appearance!

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