Heres How You Can Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Heres How You Can Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Every webmaster dreams of increasing his or her Adsense revenue. Perhaps youre already earning lots of money through this wonder tool called Adsense. But, is money ever enough? Now, you want to earn even more, maybe buy a brand new car with your internet moolah!

There are just two factors that influence the amount of money you can spin from Adsense. These are:
The number of visitors clicking on your links
The value of clicked links

In the first one, the more number of clicks, the more amount of dollars in your account. A boost in the number of clicks augments your targeted traffic. As a result, your Adsense revenue increases.

To understand the second factor, lets take an example.

Say, youve 1000 visitors for your site. You get 3% conversion. This means 30 people clicked on your links. Suppose you are paid a dollar per click. You earn $30.

Now, suppose the value of clicks increase and youre paid $10 for each click. So, for the same conversion rate, that is, when 30 people click on your links, you earn a whopping $300!

Now you know that its not just the number of clicks per day that influences your Adsense revenue. Your clicks should have high value too, if you dream of buying a car with your Adsense money.

A little question popped up in my mind. How will you know what kind of links are displayed on your web pages?

Answer, anyone?
Ok, lemme tell you.
Finding The Value Of Keywords
You need to research a little to know the answer to this question. Heres a tool to help you out. Log on to and youll find the value of each keyword. Let me tell you a little secret. That this tool is for Overtures keywords, but it works well for Google Adwords too.

Once you come across highly valuable keywords, optimize your pages for them. By doing so, you raise the chances of getting keyword links with value on your pages.

Do you know that there exist keywords on Google that are worth almost $100? Imagine getting hold of this treasure! You can increase your Adsense revenue to double and triple! However, the usual value of keywords ranges from 50 cents to $5. Keywords such as internet marketing are worth $7 while the keyword mortgage can pay you $10.

Some of you might have already started hunting for keywords to increase your Adsense revenue!

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