How Some SEO Services Can Damage Your Website

There are many search engine optimisation services out there which are increasingly growing in popularity. Those people who depend on their website to make a living need to perform well on the search engines so it is hardly surprising that they should turn to this type of service. SEO services can do great work but people should be aware that some of these companies might actually cause your website harm in the long run. Your website could even get banned from a number of search engines if the SEO service you are employing is using ‘black hat’ techniques to get your website ranking highly.


What is meant by ‘Black Hat’ SEO Techniques?


When it comes to SEO, there are some techniques that the search engines do not approve of and these are known as black hat techniques. The main reason why these techniques are not approved by the search engines is because they are deemed to give an unfair advantage and they are not providing any value to the visitor. An example of this would be spamdexing which is an attempt to fool the search engines by spam. Link farms are another example of a black hat technique that uses inbound links from a site that has the sole purpose of providing such links. Those who manage the search engines take a very dim view of people using black hat SEO and are likely to ban people from the practice.


Why do some SEO companies employ such dishonest tactics?


All SEO companies are under pressure to produce results and some will go to desperate means to get these results. Black hat techniques can work in the short term and the customer is going to be pleased when they see their website appearing higher in the search engine results. Most customers will be very satisfied and will pay up their money eagerly. Most customers will be in the dark later on when their website gets banned or when they cannot find it in the search engine results pages. In many instances you won’t get removed completely from the search engine but will fall so low in the rankings that you may as well be.


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