How to EFFECTIVELY compete with a THOUSAND commercials per DAY…

How to EFFECTIVELY compete with a THOUSAND commercials per DAY…

Back in 1999 they did a survey, and found out that people are
exposed to 500 to 1000 commercial messages..

…per day!

And that was waaaayyy back in 1999, so you can imagine the
numbers are even bigger today.

How can little ol’ you compete with all of this “noise?”

One way is to make your ads FUN, different, and interesting.

Short of hiring a New York ad agency to figure out how to do that
for you, here’s a simple, INEXPENSIVE and EFFECTIVE solution…


Q. “Why are peel away ads effective?”

A. First, they’re intriguing. You see that corner of the page
sort of flopping back and forth, and it really catches your eye.

Then you notice that there are words scrolling behind it… it
gets you curious, interested, and INVOLVED.

When you move your mouse over it, VIOLA! There’s a whole new
piece of page under the one you’re looking at! It’s like peering
into another dimension… COOL!

Now, who ISN’T going to check that out?

And once the peel is pulled back, who isn’t going to read what’s

Q. “Haven’t I seen these somewhere before?”

A. Yes! This is the second (NEW and IMPROVED) version of Peel
Away Ads. New features include..

…You can place your peel in ANY corner of your website

…You can place your peel in ALL corners if you wish

…You decide if it opens in the same browser window or a new one

…You can have animated text in the small peeled corner (eye-

…You can have animated text in the large background corner

…You control the size and color of animated texts.

This is all in ADDITION to the many previous features which are
all still included.

Read more about that here…


Q. “Didn’t I see one of these on a big corporate site?”

A. Quite possibly. Several MAJOR corporations have paid BIG bucks
to have their own peel away type ads created, which tells you two

1. These ads WORK. Major companies don’t put anything on their
sites that doesn’t increase their bottom line.

2. You’re getting a WAY BETTER deal than those big companies got,
since you’re paying pennies on the dollar for your Peel Away Ads
compared with what they paid.

Q. “What’s the deal with the spinning pop-up ad?”

A. That’s another clever and effective type of ad that you can
add to your site. It starts out as a speck on the computer
screen, and then grows bigger and bigger as it spins into view.

As you can imagine, it’s just about IMPOSSIBLE for your visitor
to ignore that, and it’s included FREE with Peel Away Ads!

You put a lot of time and effort into your site, right?

And you want to do everything possible to increase the money you
make from your site, right?

These ads just plain flat out WORK.

In fact, if they don’t DOUBLE your click-through rate, you get
your money back.

They’re THAT effective!


P.S. And you can install Peel Away Ads on as many domains as you

…no limit!


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