How to unscramble your brain…

OK, today it’s time for me to come clean…

I have a confession.

I have a secret method I’ve been using to build my business.

It’s not anything to do with landing pages, email messages,
or throwing lots of dollars at a search engine.

It’s more like a pair of super special binoculars that help you
see where you want  (and NEED!) to go. And it’s right here…


This isn’t some weird “woo-woo” deal either. As a matter of fact,
it’s as real as all the rules that run the Universe, keep us glued to
the earth instead of floating away, Physics…all that
complicated stuff I couldn’t begin to explain in scientific terms.

I guess my second confession is I wasn’t all that great in
science in school!

But that’s OK, because what I know is easily understood by
anybody, anywhere…


You know, every week I talk with other marketers who are
struggling with some aspect of their business. And the more I’ve
thought about it, the more I am 100% certain that the real power
behind building a successful business (and life!) is this…

A Focused Vision For Where You Want To Go

The world, the economy, and business is a complex place these
days, no doubt about it.

At any given time, you can encounter a smoke screen of negative
energy from people around you, self-doubt, and all the other
voices in your head that beat you up every day.

But you know what? When it comes to being successful, and attaining
anything you want in life, it’s all about making choices.

Take it from me, the first choice you need to make is deciding
HOW you are going to think. I’m not kidding, it can truly make
or break you.

You can’t mess around with this, you absolutely must get
your head wrapped around the reality of…

Charting Your Course

The funny thing is, it is really super easy to get started
with this for yourself, if you listen to these guys and DO it!


I’ve been incorporating more of this way of thinking for
a while now, and have been pretty impressed with how
it began positively impacting my business.

But when I did THIS? Well, let’s just say the afterburners
kicked in at a VERY high level of power! It is truly incredible.

You can do this exactly as you want, or you can get started immediately
by using some cool gifts Ryan made. If you haven’t gotten those yet,
you can grab them right here:


I’m telling you right now, this is how you can start polishing the
lenses of YOUR “special binoculars” too. Once you catch the vision
of the power of this, you will see a tremendous change in your life.

OK, that’s enough of baring my soul for one day. I’m not ready to
stand in a circle holding hands singing campfire songs or anything.

But if you don’t take advantage of this, you’re really missing out on something
that could change the path of your business, and your personal life too.
P.S. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Give some thought
to what you’d like to see arriving in your life, and then get ready! Good
things will come your way from this…


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    This would be for my niece as she's fairly troubled on many sides. I feel bad for her but can't help her as I'm no psychiatrist or therapist but I'd say she needs one for sularerect.icisland(et)

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  3. Don’t really know how long I have been reading/ following the life of Biz.bout 3 yearsIt has become habit to check and see what’s up with your life everyday.Recipes no notreally ..don’t ever seem to be able to stick to one as written.Always add or deviate but your ingredients spark my imagination and like youLove to make a great buy at the grocery and that can start the meal!