Increasing Web Traffic To Your Blog

Increasing Web Traffic To Your Blog

The income generated by your blog is in direct proportion to the traffic it attracts. By now you must be quite aware that it is the traffic on your blog that you are seeking to monetize. We will discuss monetizing later, but first let us discuss links and traffic.

Lets say that you have found a nice little niche to discuss on your blog, something that is popular enough as a subject to have a lot of people interested in it, but not so common that there is nothing new to discuss or one that has already spawned thousands of discussion forums.

Pay Attention To SEO
You have now done a lot of research and know quite a lot about your subject already. Ideally, it was something that you had a lot of interest in anyway and so setting up a blog on it was right for you. How do you now ensure that your blog shows up high enough in the search engine rankings so that anybody looking for data on your pet subject is likely to be shown the URL to your blog? Here you need to understand search engine optimization (SEO) a bit.

Earlier search engines ranked pages on the basis of the frequency with which certain keywords appeared. You could then stuff your page with multiple occurrences of the keyword, and you stood a good chance of going up in rankings. Modern search engines are far more refined. They rate you not on the number of occurrences of keywords, but on the number of links to your page.

The rationale is that if you have anything of value on your page, more people are likely to create back-links to your page. Thus the larger the number of links you have pointing to your page, the better you are placed. Makes sense, doesnt it?

Generate Links To Your Blog
How do you get people to link back to you? First, you have to absolutely ensure that you have created a page worth linking back to. There are no shortcuts here. You have to have data that is worth something and is not something that a simple search would show up. But, and this is important, you could have something earth-shaking on your site but people may still not know about it. So besides putting the data there, you have got to let people know about it.

You can do this by visiting the blogs of other people who deal with related subjects. You will need to take part in a number of discussions and post well researched comments. In your comments, having established your own credentials as a subject matter expert, give links back to your own site. In nine out of ten cases, if your comments are original and interesting enough, traffic from those sites will flow to yours as well.

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