Infrastructure Operations

Infrastructure Operations
For any service delivery model to produce cost savings that make a difference, it requires the right infrastructure and processes to back it up.

That means working through clear answers to some tough questions. What should we outsource – and where? Where does it make the most sense to build our next plant? How should we structure our shared services organization?
And that’s just for starters. We help clients in their efforts to examine every angle of their service delivery models, from real estate to shared services, outsourcing to off shoring, to create lasting value, year after year.
If you’re ready to make your infrastructure work harder for you, we can help.

Moving from functional excellence to strategic capabilities can be a painful process if not well thought out. If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, it’s that we live in a reset world. Supply chain organizations continue to grapple with globalized markets and operations, pricing pressures and increased customer expectations. On top of that, they’ve fended off short-term shocks such as fuel cost spikes, tightened lines of credit, shrinking supplier bases and exposure to outsourcing. But falling back on traditional assumptions about how you plan, source, make and deliver products to your customers is not the right answer.

What’s needed? We believe that its forward-looking insights combined with disciplined execution. In addition to a comprehensive set of supply chain management and manufacturing operations service offerings – our unmatched access to Supply Chain Analytics, Benchmarking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Pricing, Risk, Sustainability and Tax related services allows Applied Business Consulting to help you in your efforts to identify and address opportunities that other firms might miss.

Capital Expenditures
There are several ways to reduce capital expenditures. First, eliminate the need for additional equipment. One business we support in the mid-west was able to remove $2M of additional equipment expense from their capital budget when we moved them to leased equipment over purchasing. In addition, they were able to sell their owned equipment for significant capital expense recovery. One retailer saved millions of dollars annually by utilizing Applied Business Consulting Inventory Management.

Company-wide cost reduction efforts have demonstrated strong sustainable results in a wide range of industries. Achieving meaningful results does not mean you have to negatively impact customers or employee morale. A fresh perspective and closer inspection can help identify those things that have “always been done that way” but don’t make good business sense. Success can be achieved by ensuring executive support, assigning the right resources to the effort, crafting the compelling story and leveraging a proven approach. An organization’s size, scope, and culture determine the amount of cost savings.

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