Jaw Dropping (Anti-)Social Media Video

Jaw Dropping (Anti-)Social Media Video

Are you getting confused with all the recent hype surrounding
social media marketing?

Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, …

Suffice to say, if you suspect some of the “gurus” have
not been sharing the whole truth about social media,
guess what? You’re probably right!

So if you are ready for the TRUTH, there’s a new shockingly
revealing video you have to see by SEO expert Nancy Andrews.

By now, many of you have probably heard of Nancy
“The Giant Slayer” Andrews.  In fact, you may have seen her
share her secrets for topping sites on Google at Yanik’s

(if not, go see Nancy at Yanik’s at => http://www.liveblueprints.com/195.html … no hurdles,
just go watch and enjoy).

Nancy is not against social media. Let’s just say, she
thinks some of the info out there is not completely accurate.
And being one who is known for her “tell it like it is” attitude,
she couldn’t just sit back.

So she just released her New Social Media UNCOVERED video.
In fact, you can be the first to see what some scared gurus don’t
want you to know.

Watch it now at  => http://www.liveblueprints.com/195.html  ( enjoy!)

In this packed 28 minute video, Nancy reveals the Truth about Social
Media and what you need to know to turn potential landmines into profitable

Here are some of the things to look for …

0:42 Taking out the big guys
5:40 What social media sites REALLY are
6:27 The 3 kinds of social media
9:47 The reality behind the guru’s claims
11.50 Ebay & Social Media?
13:07 Social Media Optimization vs Google Adwords
14:32 SEO/Social Media Experiment
16:58 “Beautiful Girls?” Sean Kingston, Amazon, Porn, ..
23:44 The Andy Warhol Effect
25:20 Making Home Improvements on Rentals

I  must warn you, Nancy doesn’t soft peddle this or
mince words.

It’s conceivable you’ll find yourself shaking your head in
disbelief, shock, and maybe even anger, at what you are
about to learn.

But once you “get it” you’ll suddenly realize why so many
social media focused businesses struggle while certain gurus

Here’s your chance to finally understand why

=> http://www.liveblueprints.com/195.html

It’s time you said, “Enough is enough” when
and yes, even LIES surrounding Social Media marketing!

You have been warned .

P.S. BONUS! You must get copy of vNews, Nancy will show you how to rank
a new blog on Google in less than 10 minutes (in real time!)

Make sure you give Nancy your name and email so you won’t miss it!

=> http://www.liveblueprints.com/195.html

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