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One of the constant subjects that we receive questions about has certainly got to be those involving Internet Marketing.  People in IM still want to know and stay current on what is working best and how to do it.   This article is intended as a general update on that subject.   Keeping an updated and maintained windows registry is still important as well.

In just the last several years, internet marketers have been bombarded with developments – and challenges – that have often kept people busy enough so that advancing their toolkits was the last thing on their mind.  Now, since most of the recent changes have been assimilated by the more talented Internet Marketers, there is new attention being brought to bear on the latest marketing tools.

Several years ago Google got serious about closer validation of content on and linked to websites.   They are now using robotic software to ensure that only real, valid and original content gets any link-juice to websites.   Article marketing, as an example, is still alive and well but you must begin with original and value-laden content.   There are newer technologies that support article marketing and these are noteworthy.   These do a better job than their predecessors of replicating and distributing articles.   One original article can now be replicated into hundreds of versions – some with up to 90% text uniqueness.   This, then, supports their auto-submission to hundreds of websites.  The key here is totally unique and original content to begin with and the tools to make it unique and replicated.  In all cases, however, you should maintain an updated windows registry.

The newest category of IM tool is blogging.   While still a relatively new technology, the capability to post blogs or even just comments to other blogs, all with back-links to your website, has to be the coolest IM technique to come along in recent years.  There are already firms that have the software to auto-submit your link-laden comments to hundreds of sites.

The newest and hottest category for IM marketers is real time RSS and Hotlink Feeds.   For years, news syndicates that became high-performance websites have been able to syndicate news and weather flashes.  The support technologies for this type of service are being bent in the direction of supporting real time dissemination of any type of content.   This is clearly the wave of the future.  

You can purchase and download a top registry software package that does this.  They also perform the other registry fix functions that accomplish any needed Registry Repair.

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