Look No Further For Here Is Your Detailed SEO Guide

Look No Further For Here Is Your Detailed SEO Guide

An SEO guide can show you the way to improve your website so that it gets a high ranking in the results of an important search engine whenever content pertaining to a specific keyword is searched for.

The services of a SEO is important because most internet users go through only the initial one-two result pages of any search performed. If your website is not ranked amongst them, then be assured that your site is not receiving the right amount of traffic that you desire for your business venture.

The fundamental premise of search engine optimization is building a good quality website, with quality content that helps customers.

How Does A Search Engine Work?

Unlike a web directory, a search engine will utilize your entire page, and sometimes the entire site content to determine its place on the rank ladder. One need not submit to a search engine, as they send out robots (termed as spiders). This is a tool by which the spiders move about the Internet following the links from one site to another. So, for a listing as well as good ranking, what is required is a link to your site from an already existing site.

Once you locate a robot in your logs, there can be some additional time gap for you to be finally listed on the search engines. Many engines revise their listings as soon as new sites come in, however, some wait for a month or so before displaying the new ones so that all sites get updated at one go. Be patient, and refrain from re-submitting your site. Re-submission should only be done if you notice your site being dropped from the search engine?s index.

Some SEO Suggestions ?

Read the following suggestions on SEO guide to understand the process of site optimization.

a. Create a good site map-

A well-organized navigation throughout the site is a pre-requisite for your customers to visit your subsequent pages. This also helps the spiders to take note of the links on your site and then index them. Also, do not forget to keep updating your site map.

b. Place important links on top ?

Spiders in the search engines crawl around the internet for the code. Thus, an earlier link found on the html code will be of higher importance. Important links need to be placed above all secondary links.

c. Use keywords in the file names ?

Usage of targeted keywords in the file name helps in improving the concentration of the specific keyword used in a website, leading to better ranking.

d. Get popular back links-

Getting popular back links on a regular basis will help improve your search engine ranking, but it should be done only at a steady pace, or else it might result in being categorized as spam.

e. Title tag should be different for each page-

This is important as search engine spiders will take all the pages to be the same if all the title tags are same, and therefore indexation might not take place. Usage of keywords in the title tag will help increase traffic to the site. The heading might be used as the title tag, and can be inserted in the H1 tag.

So, this is in short your quick SEO guide for search engine optimization process. Remember, the most important aspect of SEO is to understand the target audience and meet their requirements.

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