Many SEO Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

Many SEO Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

There are many SEO myths that I would like to bust here and now. A couple of myths that are prevalent are that you can get a guaranteed ranking and a permanent ranking in the search engines. This is not true at all. It is not possible to get guaranteed or permanent rankings. You have to follow several techniques in order to achieve high rankings in search engines. And you also need to keep altering your website at regular intervals to make sure that it is optimized for high search engine ranking.

It Is Important To Know What The SEO Myths Are

If you hear anyone say that they can give you guaranteed or permanent search engines, you can tell that they are lying. These are SEO myths that you must know about. There are numerous websites being created every day and each site is made using SEO techniques that may make them better than yours. Your site may rank high one day and get dropped the very next day because a more optimized site has been created. It is up to you to keep making constant changes to your webpage in order to keep it scoring high.

Multiple Domain Names Will Get You More Hits ? Another Myth

Many of you may believe that having multiple domain names will give you more hits. This is one of the many SEO myths that are prevalent. Consider some websites that rank high in search engines like EBay and Amazon. They have hundreds of pages of content but they retain just one domain name. This is because it would cost more money to get multiple domain names and it would reduce the potential of the sites. Besides, by creating mirror sites with different domain names, you may lose out by being blacklisted by search engines.

Resubmitting Your Website Every Week Does Not Help

There are more SEO myths floating around. One such myth is that resubmitting your website every week or month will make it rank higher. That is a big myth. Once you have submitted your website to a search engine, it will remain in the database for a long time. It won?t disappear from the search engine in a month. It does not make sense to resubmit the website as it will get recognized as a duplicate and that isn?t good for your site?s ranking. In fact, resubmitting your website may get an opposite reaction. The search engines may identify your site as spam and remove it.

Another one of the most common SEO myths is that you will get better ranking by stuffing the page with keywords. Over usage of keywords can in fact get your site penalized by the search engines.

This information should help you avoid SEO myths and use proper techniques to optimize your website.

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