Must see video, rank a page in 10 minutes (real time!)

Must see video, rank a page in 10 minutes (real time!)

The response to the revealing video I mentioned in a recent
post has been shocking!

If you haven’t seen it yet, go to =>
There’s already over 100 blog comments to Nancy Andrews’
latest behind the veil video “Social Media – The Good, Bad
& Ugly!”

Warning: The content contained in this video may have
some gurus slightly upset!

This video is provoking TONS of comments &
questions (and of course you can see Nancy, true to her
reputation has been working late ANSWERING EVERY
SINGLE ONE of them.)

So if you have questions about Social Media or SEO, get
answers from Nancy!  Post them on her blog at


Here’s a post from Jeff:

Hey Nancy,

I learned more watching these videos than I’ve
learned in the past year from all the so called
gurus. These guys all seem to know what they
are talking about but I always felt they were
leaving out some key parts. You just filled in some
of those key parts in about an hour. I’m looking
forward to more videos from you.

Not only that, when you opt-in, the vNews you will receive
immediately has a bonus 10 min video of Nancy
ranking pages on Google in real time!  It is blowing
people away!

Check out this post from Gary D.:

Dear Nancy,

I just received and devoured the first issue of your
newsletter. The first thing that comes to mind is..
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!…No bullshit!!….

Being a relative newbie….the information was
outstanding. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated
the view on Squidoo and Hubpages….as many are
touting both as the great next coming.
Bet ya ruffled some feathers with that one!!….

I like feather Rufflers!!  You have a fan….that is for sure!

I look forward to the next one!!


So if you haven’t seen this revealing video or received your vNews with bonus 10 minute live rank video, go to


Enjoy and remember … you have been warned!

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