New video, pretty girls and google..

New video, pretty girls and google..

Nancy Andrews just released a “provocative” new webinar
with David Garfinkel founder of “The World Copywriting Institute”

This webinar is jam packed with info you’ll want to devour.

“Pretty Girls and Google -
How trying to rank on
Google is a lot like courting
a pretty girl…5 Insider Tips
that can help any average Joe
win both!”

In a fun way, she relates winning over a woman to
winning over the search engines.

You can watch it now at:


She even makes comparisons
to the lessons guys are taught
in the bestselling book “The
Game”, and by famed Pickup
Artist and VH1 star “Mystery.”

Listen to Nancy…

“MSN – Like a guy -
straightforward and simple.
(Hey, there’s nothing
wrong with that – I like

“Yahoo – Like an old dog.
Likes the same routines
and needs time to accept
new faces.

“Google – like a woman -
hard for most to read, hard
to please and appears to
change her mind in an
instant. (Hard to read
and please, that is, if
you don’t know how to
court her.)”

It is all new content -
totally different from anything she’s done before.
She even reveals 3 killer bits of info that can make
a huge difference in your page rankings.

For example did you know that doing your title tag
the ‘right’ way (almost everyone does it wrong)
can get you a significant jump in position?

She even shows results of two of her members
and walks you through the dramatic before and after.

Surprisingly, there is no cost, so go watch it
now at:


While you may learn some interesting ideas
about attraction and courtship,

pay close attention as Nancy reveals her specific
techniques for getting higher search engine

Never seen, heard or discussed by
anyone else…ANYWHERE.


While you are there, be sure to enjoy the
other videos, and give her your email to receive
a complimentary copy of Nancy’s, 89-page

“Business Blueprint Manual.”

It’s chock-full of embedded step by step
videos with practical ideas for starting and
succeeding in your ownonline business.

I think this offer expires
soon so get your complimentary
blueprint manual now at:


P.S. If you have questions for Nancy, be sure to post
them on her blog…

she answers every one personally.


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