Pay Per Click Banner Ads Make A Grand Comeback

Pay Per Click Banner Ads Make A Grand Comeback

Nothing good really dies out ever, as they say. So is true with the pay per click banner ads. The last 10-20 years have seen businessmen trying out different and innovative methods to reach their target audience. The Internet has facilitated many new options. To begin with, we saw elaborate websites with fancy marquees and banners displaying all sorts of special effects. But then, the net began to get too crowded. With billions of pages out there, it was sheer luck if someone saw your page. That was the time when the search engines began to make their presence felt.

The Advent Of Sponsored Links

Practically, any person seeking information or services starts his search with Google and a few keywords. That was how the sponsored links came into notice on these search engines. You pay for small ads related to those keywords and when your prospective customer finds an ad which seems contextually close to the product that he is looking for, he will, hopefully, click on your ad and examine your offerings. That, in a nutshell, is the concept of pay per click ads. For some time now, plain old banner ads have been overshadowed by the pay per click ads.

Advertisers have now begun to differentiate their pay per click ads by making their sponsored ads attractive and informative. This is how the pay per click banner ads are making a grand comeback. The simple pay per click ad is now being dressed up and made attractive to come back and grab attention.

Good Advertising Needs Work

Making an effective pay per click banner ad takes some effort and imagination. Your ad needs to be so well designed that a visitor finds the content of the pay per click banner ad more relevant and focused than the output of the search engine itself.

Here, keyword selection becomes extremely important. All search engines charge the advertisers for the keywords that they use. Depending upon the popularity of a certain keyword, you may end up paying a lot for it and still not have your pay per click banner ads displayed prominently enough. You must create logical variations of the keyword that you are interested in and bid for these so that you do not incur high costs.

Your Website Is Still Very Important

Once the prospective customer has clicked your pay per click banner ad, the main task of the search engine is over and it is up to you and your website to translate that lead into a concrete proposal or better still, a sale.

With every keyword search throwing up hundreds of thousands of links on search engines, it is really up to your pay per click banner ads to generate business for yourself. Plan your pay per click banner ads with care and precision.

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