SEO Or PPC – Which Is Better

SEO Or PPC – Which Is Better?

Some Internet marketers get confused whether they should go for SEO or PPC. Well, both have their own pros and cons. In order to decide which one is better for your needs, it is important for you to have a thorough knowledge regarding the advantages and disadvantages associated with both of them.

Advantages Of Ppc

Following are some of the key advantages of PPC.

? Your account is charged only when a user clicks on the ads.
? You can start your advertising campaign almost instantly without needing to invest a fortune. You can also stop using the method whenever you like. Therefore, when it comes to choosing SEO or PPC for a seasonal marketing activity, pay per click method definitely has an edge.
? You get the liberty to choose the keywords on which you want to bid.
? Sometimes, you want the web traffic on to a specific page on your website other than the home page. PPC allows you to choose the page that you want the visitors to be redirected to.
? You can even target specific audience in a specific region through different sets of specific keywords.
? If we talk about the budget for SEO or PPC, we find that pay per click can bring quick productive results at a very small budget.

The Disadvantages Of PPC

The disadvantages of PPC may be listed as follows.

? The cost incurred in this sort of online advertising is of an ongoing nature. It means you can only take advantage of the campaign as long as you are paying for the service. The moment you stop spending, the search engines block your advertisements.
? The quality score rules for landing pages have also made things a bit more complex and even expensive for PPC users.

Advantages Of SEO

Following are some of the primary advantages of using SEO.
? After you have done effective search engine optimization for your website, you will get the advantage of a higher rank in the search engine results for a long time without needing to work continuously on that. Therefore, if you have to choose one in SEO or PPC, you may like to go for SEO, as it will be getting you the long-term results.
? Likewise, if you think for long term, you will find SEO much more cost effective in comparison to PPC.
? Visitors prefer to click on the search results based on ranking rather than clicking the ones displayed under the sponsored ads section.
? In PPC, you can target just one search engine at a time, but by effectively optimizing your website, you can target multiple search engines simultaneously without spending anything extra.

The only disadvantage of using SEO is that it takes a long time to get you the desired results. The above pros and cons will definitely help you decide whether SEO or PPC is right for you.

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