SEO Tools – Do You Have What It Takes

SEO Tools – Do You Have What It Takes?

There has been a lot of speculation about which SEO tools are the most effective. With so many software packages and consulting services available, it can be difficult to choose the right optimization strategy, especially when you’re on a budget. The good news is that there are a number of quality optimization tools out there that won’t take a big bite out of your wallet- in fact, some of them are absolutely free.

Free Stuff And Good Stuff

If you search for SEO tools on Google, chances are that you’re going to come up with literally millions of options, many of which are free. The trick is to be able to find tools that are useful- many of the products out there either won’t suit your needs or won’t function properly. And if you don’t have the right optimization tools, your online profits are going to suffer. It’s important to know which tools you would need and to test them out before you buy them.

There are a number of effective tools on the market today, both fee-based and free. ResellerGo is an option that allows you to try the product without any charge. This SEO tool allows you to submit your site to over 2000 directories in a very short period of time. There is also a useful tool available for seeing how your site measures up against the competition- with We Build Web Pages, just enter your keyword and find out how your site fares against the top ten sites for that same keyword.

All In One

There are a number of SEO tools that perform more than one function. The Widexl, for example, gives you a geo tracker, password generator, link popularity tester, meta tag analyzer and search engine saturation. Best of all, these are all absolutely free. The iWeb offers you back links, keyword suggestions, Google rank checker, Page Rank predictor and a tool to check link popularity.

In terms of link analysis, the Link Harvester is probably the most comprehensive and effective tool that you’ll find. This will show you which sites are linked to you, how many pages of your site have been indexed and how many links you have for each page. Not only that, this tool will also tell you how many inbound links and home page links you have as well as your deep link ratio. One of the most popular SEO tools in terms of keywords is WordTracker. This offers you a database of keywords associated with your niche market as well as common plural forms and misspellings.

It’s a good idea to try out as many SEO tools as you can. You’ll find that some are more suited to your optimization needs than others. No matter which tools you finally decide on, make sure that you track your site ratings regularly. This is to ensure that your SEO tools are working properly and bringing in the traffic and profits that you need.

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