Some Creative Concepts Of Web 2.0 Marketing

Some Creative Concepts Of Web 2.0 Marketing

If you compare the web 2.0 marketing with the conventional methods, you will find that the earlier methods were absolutely obsolete. Web 2.0 is an innovative and highly advanced method, using which would mean that you will have to discard all the old and outdated marketing notions. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind in order to ensure your success. Following are some of those creative concepts that will make sure that you get started in the right direction.

Your Target Audience Is More Important Than The Market

The basic concept of using the web 2.0 marketing in the most efficient manner is to value your target audience more than you value the market. Unlike the conventional methods of marketing, your primary focus here must be the customers instead of the market. Always remember that the business world of Internet is all about the audience. The online shoppers are different from the buyers in a brick-and-mortar shopping complex in a sense that they do not just want to come, buy and walk away. While they shop around, they want to be entertained, engaged, and enlightened. That is the reason why web 2.0 marketing prohibits you from considering your customers as a market entity. You have to think about them in terms of an audience.

Your Creativity And Imagination Are The Key

If the presentation on your website looks like an academic textbook, you cannot keep your audience entertained, enlightened, and engaged. It is very important for you to weave some imagination and creativity into the content of your website. The web content must be developed in a compelling way. The content must appeal to your audience’s senses. For example, the audio-video presentation is pone of the best techniques of web 2.0 marketing. It will unleash a powerful impact on your customers.

You Are Communicating With Real People

Just because you are not dealing with your customers manually does not mean that you do not need to communicate with them. An effective communication with your website visitors is the key component of successful web 2.0 marketing. You have to communicate through the content of your site. What is more, whichever method you use to establish communication with the audience, make sure that you are communicating in a realistic way. Keep the content short and to the point. Convey what you want to say in simple words but in a compelling manner.

Features And Logics Vs Experiences And Emotion

Always remember that on the web, products are not purchased because of the features and logics. In most cases, the online shopper makes its decision on the basis of experiences and emotions. That is the reason why web 2.0 marketing also focuses on adding the “feel good” attributes of emotional marketing.

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