Some SEO Techniques To Help You Achieve High Ranking

Some SEO Techniques To Help You Achieve High Ranking

There are some basic SEO techniques that you need to use in order to get the highest ranking on search engines. Search engine optimization does not mean that you have to over stuff your articles with keywords. Many people make that mistake. Internet users like you and me get turned off by looking at a whole bunch of keywords stuffed at one place. Instead, you should try to follow some simple techniques to ensure that your web page ranks high on search engines.

Avoid High Keyword Density

Having a high density of keywords in your webpage is definitely not a good idea. The ideal percentage of keyword density should be less than 2%PRCTG% in the entire area of the text. Your web page will attain higher ranking if you follow this rule. If your keyword density is too high, your website may be treated as spam and get blacklisted. Your keyword phrase should ideally be a part of the title and should be positioned high on the page. You should also place the keywords once in every paragraph. These SEO techniques for proper keyword usage will help your webpage achieve higher ranking.

Create Links

Links can be used as a great way to allure users to visit your website. You should place links in sites that have some relation to your website. This way, you target the kind of audience that you want. We are always on the lookout for more information and if we find links in our favorite websites, we will definitely click on the link to see what it has to offer to us. The fact that your website has a link on our favorite site gives it the credibility that you need. These SEO techniques will go a long way to getting you more hits on your website.

Importance Of A Site Map Page

If you have a website with pages and pages of information, it is important to include a site map page so that the search engine spiders can find them. If you have a very large website, then it helps to make several site map pages with around 75 links in each page. All your other SEO techniques may be useless without a proper site map page helping the spiders to find all the relevant information in your site.

Learn From The Competition

It would help to take a look at the keyword usage and website design of your competition, especially if they rank high in the search engines. You could analyze their sites and identify what they have done in order to achieve top ranking. There is no harm in checking out the SEO techniques that are used by other sites as long as you don?t copy them.

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