Summary of the SEOLinkVine Software

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SEOLinkVine is one of the latest software products claiming to be the solution to your link building and SEO problems. Brad Callen developed SEOLinkVine, and the amount of buzz and hype it is getting makes this software sound like it really could be the solution. Perfect software doesn’t exist, no such beast, but still we were very curious about it and gave it a thorough check-out to see if IM marketers could really benefit from it. Ok, have no doubt that we were taken back a little with what we found. We liked to show you why we concluded SEOLinkVine can help you in your current online marketing.

One thing we saw, early on, is that SEOLinkVine is more than an article submitter. The article spinner will assign tags, that you properly specify, and then add your spun content to the vast network within SEOLinkVine’s community. This means that each submission will be unique. As you probably know, other programs will submit the same articles to places over the net, and there is the possibility of duplicate content/spam. SEOLinkVine will prevent that from being an issue. The properties who are in the program are blog authors and content site creators who have signed up to take on other people’s content. They benefit from receiving content for their sites. Your benefit is your content gets exposure, and it is linked back to you. The additional links to your site will also be a big plus for you. Any experienced IM marketer will say the more exposure you get, the better off you’ll be.

The way SEOLinkVine works is to spin your article and submit to a site, then it spins it again and submits to a different site. If you use the tag system correctly it can spin your articles quite a few times before it runs out of options and has to stop submitting. This means that not only are you building links-you are building links from original content. This increases the chances that your work will actually be read and that people will click through to your site because they like what you’ve written: an honest to goodness sales method! Online marketers have many concerns and issues to deal with. And SEO and backlinking are right up there. So if saving time that will allow you to focus on other tasks appeals to you, then SEOLinkVine may be able to help you. From what we can tell it is certainly a time saver!

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