The Basics Of Online Video Marketing

The Basics Of Online Video Marketing

Video marketing is clearly one of the most effective marketing strategies that the online firms have decided to exploit to their advantage. Online businesses have been promoting their presence and driving targeted traffic to their websites using short and interesting video clips. Video marketing works as it is relatively inexpensive and can easily reach potentially millions of people in a very short period of time.

Video Marketing Basics

Video marketing has become popular as people have shown that they prefer to view a short video rather than read pages of text. While marketing online, we have to consider one important factor, the short attention span of the visitors. If visitors are offered an option between reading many pages of text and viewing a short video that offers the same information, they have almost always preferred to view the video.

While considering going in for video marketing strategies, it is necessary to pay considerable attention to certain points. The video must be short yet provide the viewers with something of value. The more interesting and attention-grabbing they are, the better are your chances of getting a viral video that self-promotes itself. Make sure that the video you stream on your site is not just a piece of imagery but one that conveys the right impression about your product/services to your target market. The video must be created with your target market in mind and you should not opt for videos that will displease or offend people. Use the right mix of visuals and audio to create a well-finished and well presented video.

The next step in video marketing is to display the video in your website in such a fashion that visitors will not be able to miss it. Make sure that you have captions to let them know that they can view, perhaps even download the video to view it at their leisure. Uploading videos on your website and search engine optimizing them has improved the websites SERP ranking. This improved visibility drives the targeted traffic to your website, improves conversion rates and thereby you get better returns on your investments.

When you go in for online multimedia marketing, it is crucial that the video be distributed to as many free video hosting websites as possible. YouTube, Google videos, Yahoo videos, Veoh, Metcafe are just a few examples of such free video hosting websites that can be used. Name the video and use the right keywords in their descriptions as well as in the tags. The videos must have links leading back to your website and make sure that your brand name is displayed prominently in the entire video. In no time, with the least expenditure, you will have highly targeted traffic driven to your website. You must take time to analyze just how effective your video marketing campaign was and make changes if necessary to be more successful in your next campaign.

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